Simply sign in to and click on the Benefits Self-service tab, My personal documents, Tax receipts in order to save and/or print your tax document.
Benefits Self-service.pdf

Your Local 759 union dues tax receipt was sent out in January.  Contact Melissa if you haven't received it.

OHS Awareness 

This Ontario-wide mandatory training came into effect on July 1 2014.  Every worker in Ontario is required to have completed the Worker Safety in 4 Steps Health and Safety Awareness training in order to continue working.

Go to and complete your online class.  Once completed, email a copy of your certificate to the union hall.

New Membership Cards
Beginning in August 2014, all members will receive a new membership card.  This new card will have a QR code, enabling you to scan with your smart phone and access your information, including your photo, dues paid, safety certs, etc.  
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